Shopping for Glass Drawer Pulls

Glass drawer pulls are a great way to add variety and style to any kitchen or bath, even if you are not replacing the cabinets themselves. Selecting new cabinet hardware can be a lot of fun because it can give you the look of a brand new kitchen or bath by just spending a little bit of money. Metal pulls are more popular right now, although glass pulls are quickly gaining in popularity due to their unique style and beauty. Also glass pulls evoke a style of the past, they are a great option for people who want to have a kitchen that speaks from decades past while still looking very modern and unique. No matter what the reason for wanting drawer pulls that are made of glass, there are some things to keep in mind when shopping for them.


The number one reason many people opt for glass pulls is because of the style. Glass pulls are not limited by color or shape. Metal pulls may have very ornate designs, but most of them will be only one or two colors at the most. On the other hand, glass pulls can come in a wide variety of colors. They are not limited to the colors of metal, and some of the very fancy and unique pulls have many different colors in them. People who are really wanting to say a lot about their personality and exhibit a flair for the unusual will especially appreciate the many different styles of glass pulls. Drawer pulls that are made of glass provide the most unique solution for kitchen or bath hardware.


Sometimes judging quality of glass pulls can be rather difficult. However, knowing a few things about glass can help you determine if the pulls you are considering are of high quality. First of all, think about the weight of the pulls. If the glass drawer pulls are large ball knobs, then weight is certainly a factor. Heavy glass will take a lot more abuse and resist chipping much more than thin, light glass. However, if the pulls are thin plates of glass in different colors, then determining quality can be a bit more difficult. Try tapping the pulls to make sure that they are really glass and not a cheaper plastic that looks like glass. Also look at how the knobs attach to the metal pieces that will attach to the drawers. Look at the metal and feel the weight of the metal part of the pull. High quality metal will be quite heavy, so try to feel how heavy just the metal part of the drawer pull is. Also look at the screws and the way it will attach to the drawer. Some pulls have a tendency to strip the screws very easily, so look carefully at the construction of this part of the pull when considering quality.


Another important thing to take into consideration when considering new glass pulls is size. It would be a good idea to measure the drawers before deciding which pulls to purchase. Also try to get a feel for how heavy the drawer is. A drawer that is oversized for the pull you choose will have a tendency to strip the screws on even a very high quality drawer pull. Also the size of the drawer pull will affect how it looks on the drawer. Try to find a pull that is proportionate to the size of the drawer. Having a pull that is the wrong size will just make the drawers look much larger or smaller than they actually are.

Desk Drawer Knobs and Pulls – Bringing New Life to Old Furniture

The type of hardware installed on any piece of furniture can do a lot towards making it appear new again. Over time knobs and pulls begin to show signs of natural wear and tear and can make the entire piece look old and out of date. Replacing this older hardware with replacements can transform the entire look of your room and is a great way to introduce new and exciting patterns into your home.

Hardware is one of those often overlooked elements of design that can make a big impact without overwhelming a design scheme. It provides the opportunity to introduce color, patterns (ranging from ornate to whimsical) and increase the ease of use even in many pieces. Imagine the impact by replacing one boring and simple knob on a prominent desk drawer – it would instantly add to the beauty of the original piece and create a secondary focal point in the design.

Antique furniture often comes with the original hardware intact but years of neglect can make it impractical to try and save or repair. Reproduction hardware is a great way to preserve the integrity of the original knobs and pulls. Traditional patterns have been painstakingly reproduced in various metals including brass, iron and pewter and cast today so that home owners can replace the original worn hardware with the same or similar pieces. Brass hardware can be finished in a variety of colors including Polished Brass, Antique Brass (for a more aged appearance), Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome and Oil Rubbed Bronze that allows more control in matching the original hardware as well.

LookInTheAttic & Company offers a wide selection of hand cast and custom finished knobs and pulls for desks, dressers, cabinets and drawers. Search for solid brass or iron construction to ensure added durability and strength over time and be sure to ask questions. Most furniture can be brought back to life by simply replacing the older and worn parts with similar replacements or fun new additions in glass or pewter can completely transform the appearance of tired and worn furniture without needing to replace the entire piece.

Proper Construction Techniques Guarantee Lasting Kitchen Drawers

Have you ever noticed how people take things for granted? For example, if you:

Open a closet, you expect hangers
Open a door, you expect a room on the other side
Open a drawer, you expect it to hold whatever is inside

However, when it comes to drawers, such as those in your kitchen, you usually expect not only the usual array of items – knives, forks, scissors, tape, batteries, shoehorns and whatever else you tend to throw into them, but also that those drawers will last.

Many times, though, kitchen drawers, are really just a builder’s afterthought. The builder is in a hurry to finish up a project and move on to the next one so, rather than take the time needed to ensure that the small item we take for granted will last the life of the kitchen, we find that drawers:

Begin to fall apart
Have their bottoms slide out

None of those is a great outcome for your kitchen drawers, so, if you are looking for quality in drawers, then you have to ensure that they meet certain standards. For example, does the drawer have:

Properly rabbited corners
Properly dadoed side pieces
A proper glued base
Simple screws holding it together or is it dowled
Is the wood the proper thickness

Slide-out kitchen drawers, some of the most heavily drawers used in any home, must be built to tougher standards than others. Some manufacturers, whether for economic reasons or not, still use butt joining where the draw is simply nailed or screwed together and then inserted.

In order to assure that your kitchen drawers or shelves- or any other heavily used drawer will last, the drawer must have the following attributes:

Proper dovetailing cuts
Proper alignment
Proper hardware
Proper wood stock

When you are checking the kitchen drawers to assure that they are properly built make sure you:

Look along the sides and corners to assure that the wood is straight.

Watch the wood grain which should run in one direction and be free of knots that weaken wood.

Check the corners to assure that the kitchen drawers are properly dovetailed and that the cuts are tight and well-fitted.

Look at the bottom piece to ensure that it was dadoed – a small amount of wood was removed from the base to accommodate a base piece of wood that is glued in placed on final construction.

Look at the slide hardware to assure that it is made of top quality metal and that it has a full ballrace with ball bearings at the sides.

Ensure that the wood stock is at least 9-ply birch or other hardwood for longevity.

Kitchen Hardware Ideas to Spruce Up the Room

No kitchen remodel or construction is complete without adding new or different kitchen hardware. Brand new hardware can provide the finishing touch to your cabinets and drawers that can make them much more visually appealing and bring together the look while enhancing functionality.

The kitchen hardware that makes the most dramatic impact is knobs and pulls that are affixed to the fronts of drawers and cabinet doors to make them accessible. Proper positioning of the knob or pull is important for installation in order to make the cabinets or drawers more visually appealing – so you’ll need to determine whether the knob should be at the side or the center of the door; for the most part, pulls on drawers are in the center of the drawer’s front. There are many choices when it comes to knobs and pulls – and you’re sure to find something in your particular style or taste – from contemporary to classic. There are also vintage knobs and pulls that look right at home in an old world or country decor, while retro vintage knobs may be well-suited to a sleek, modern theme.

Hinges for your cabinets should complement the knobs and pulls that you have selected. Be sure to go for heavy duty hinges that can really do the job at hand, especially for heavier grade cabinets that will require extra support for heavy doors. You can typically find hinges that coordinate with your knobs and pulls with the same kitchen hardware retailer.

Although you may never see them – the drawer slides that you install in your kitchen cabinets are important. Many kitchen cabinets will come with the drawer slide attached, while others may require you to purchase and install your own. Whatever the case, be sure to purchase a high quality drawer slide; if you’re like most people, you have experienced the frustration when a cabinet drawer gets off track and you have to really work to get the drawer opened or shut. That’s because the drawer slide is of poor quality.

In sum, installing the best kitchen hardware that you can afford is a good idea because you will be assured of quality products that last long, perform well and add visual appeal to your kitchen.

Cabinet Hardware Explained – From Decorative to Functional

Today’s cabinets vary as much in style as they do in functionality. Although styles can range wildly from simple big-box manufactured face frame cabinets with slab panel doors to intricately crafted custom cabinets hewn from the hands of generations of craftsmen, some things just never change. The cabinet hardware that makes these cabinets both functional and decorative is virtually universal throughout.

Yes, there are minor differences in cabinet hardware from one style of cabinet to another, however, the major types of hardware can be found in any style or construction of cabinet. The two main types of hardware are decorative and functional.


Decorative hardware, sometimes referred to as surface hardware, consists of the pieces that are mounted to the outside surface of your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. They not only provide the means with which to open your cabinet doors, they also give your cabinetry that finishing touch. The various types are:

*handle pulls

*cup pulls



*ring, bail and pendant pulls

Handle and cup pulls are rigid and require two mounting screws to attach to the cabinet door or drawer front. Bail pulls also require two mounting screws, however, they can be rigid or swinging type bails. Knobs are just simple post-pulls that require one mounting screw. Ring and pendant pulls can be rigid or swinging and normally require one mounting screw although some may require two with a small center-to-center measurement.

The mounting hole spacing measurement is the most important measurement of a cabinet handle pull if you are replacing existing hardware. This measurement is taken from the center of one mounting hole to the center of the other, thus it is called the center-to-center measurement (abbreviations include: C-C, C/C, CTC). Obviously if you are replacing existing cabinet pulls, you will need to match your new hardware center-to-center measurement with that of the holes already drilled into your cabinet doors. Common measurements are 3″, 3-1/2″, 96mm and 4″, however there are many more than just those four.


Functional hardware consists of the hardware pieces that make your cabinets do what they are suppose to do. Doors open and close, drawers slide out and back in, giving you access to the items you have inside. Basically, if your cabinets didn’t have any of this type of hardware in and on them, they would be pretty useless. These types include:

*door hinges

*drawer slides

Door hinges are simply the hinges that connect your cabinet doors to the actual cabinet but as simple as their function is, the types, sizes and options abound. The three main distinguishing types of cabinet hinges are concealed, semi-concealed and non-concealed. These all can come in a variety of opening angles, swing types (free-swinging vs. self-closing), overlay sizes, insets as well as finishes.

Drawer slides are the pieces of hardware that allow your drawers to slide in and out. They are sometimes referred to by other names such as drawer guides, drawer glides, drawer runners and drawer tracks. The three main types used on cabinets are: side-mount, side/under-mount and under-mount. These types can be further classified by the distance they allow a drawer to be opened such as 3/4 extension, full-extension or over-travel extension.

Cabinet hardware is not very complicated on the surface. It is the many options that these basic pieces come in that gets a little more in-depth, too in-depth for this simple primer on cabinet hardware.